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Do I Qualify?

The three words that have haunted most of the business owners in the world is “Do I qualify?” Every loan offer has minimum qualification criteria. To be eligible for this you must satisfy the given criteria for that specific loan. We are more than happy to announce that our qualification criteria are less rigorous, especially for a line of credit, unsecured business loans, small business loans for women. Many startups fail every year because of a lack of funds. We don’t believe in saying no to clients just because they have a poor credit score or for other lame reasons. You will be qualified for getting a loan at JJW company, so rather than approaching some other lender, it would be a wise choice to consult us. Talk to our representative to know more about qualification criteria.

Types of small Business Loans

Since our birth, we have been helping businesses of all kinds and all sizes to start and expand. With us by your side, you don’t have to stress yourself about business financing. We are a complete solution for all types of financing; equipment loans, micro-funding, and many more. Finance will no more be a barrier to the growth of your company because business capital will be arranged for everyone; from big businesses to small ones.


Business Capital

Big or small, if you own a business there is one hundred percent guarantee that sooner or later, you will need a loan.


Same Day Funding

Immediate Approvals – $5,000+ Monthly Bank Revenue, Business Checking Account, 6 Months In Business


Equipment Financing

If your company is facing some trouble because of poor or old machines, then you should probably think of buying new.



is simple!


Time in Business

Only need a minimum of four months in business


Business can reside anywhere in the US

Personal Credit

Personal credit score must be at least 500+

Annual Revenue

$100K+ revenue in the past 12 months. Not doing $10k month? Try our Micro-Funding In Menu above


Over 700 different industries served

Use As You Choose

Need to expand or take advantage of volume discounts? It’s your business, you decide how its used.

Atlanta Working Capital

Why Are We Different?

Well, every lending company you seek in the town will say that they are different from others, but at JJW we have proved that. Unlike banks and our competitors, we believe in moving fast as we know that the most common fact that a business fails to grow is lack of capital. In the business world, it is also essential that you manage to get the funds at the right time. While working, we keep these facts in mind and hence, deliver quick and expected results. This is the reason why we have attracted a lot of top industries to work with us. In addition to this, unlike banks, we don’t believe in rejecting an application just because of a bad credit score. We, rather, look at and consider other factors so that you don’t go empty-handed. Rather than criticizing, we appreciate the start-up ideas of the younger generation and explore in-depth to find suitable lending programs for them. One of the reasons why our clients admire working with us is that our interest rates are minimal. We will take every chance so that your business can be strengthened. You will get a loan just by filling a simple form and answering a few questions. Do it now!

More Affordable

Our fundings are typically up to 50% less expensive than a traditional merchant cash advance.

Fast Capital

You submit your application and we provide you with a fast decision.

Automatic Payment

You are setup with regular fixed payments so that you don’t have to worry about surprise obligations.

But seriously, how do our providers compare?

  DAC Most Banks Credit Card Advances
The Fastest Capital (Funded In Days) YES NO NO
Value Cash Flow More Than Credit Score YES NO YES
Bad Credit Ok (only 500 FICO Score Needed) YES NO YES
Unsecured (No Collateral Needed) YES NO YES
Minimal Amount of Paperwork YES NO NO
Repeat Customer Benefits YES NO NO
Simple Presentation of the Total Cost of the Capital YES NO NO

Easy Business Capital.
Pricing Per Dollar & Basic Qualifications.

Total payback costs from 18¢-50¢ per borrowed dollar. Ex: Borrow $10,000 pay back $12,000-$15,000.
Terms from 3-24 months

With a 6 month term, your total cost can be as low as 18¢ per dollar.

Average cost is 30¢ (eg: borrow $10,000, pay back $13,000).

Typical funding amount is $40,000.

With a 12month term, your total cost can be as low as 18¢ per dollar.

Average cost is 35¢ (eg: borrow $10,000, pay back $13,500).

Typical funding amount is $80,000.

With a 24 month term, your total cost can be as low as 20¢ per dollar.

Average cost is 42¢.

Typical funding amount is $130,000.

Origination Fee

0%-5% of capital for your first funding (deducted from your capital advance at time of funding).

Example: $100,000 funding with 2% fees. $2,000 fee would be deducted from the funding, so $98,000 would be wired to you.

Minimum Qualifications

*Eligibility for the lowest prices shown above are reserved for customers with the strongest cash flows and credit profiles. Returning customers with the strongest credit profiles and excellent payment history on prior capital products from DAC are eligible for our even lower premier rates.

How to apply for a business loan?

If you are interested in getting a business loan then there are a series of steps you need to go through. To make things easy for you, we have described the entire loan applying procedure, here, continue reading.

Prepare a checklist of the documents required.

Well, you won’t be getting a loan approval overnight which is why you prep yourself in advance to avoid troubles and delays. To save resources and time, we advise you to prepare a checklist of all documents that will be demanded by the finance broker. If you lack any of the mentioned documents, list down the places you need to visit to collect them. If you are unsure which documents you need, our loan broker will provide this information to you. Don’t worry, we are here to take care of everything.

Setting up a time-lapse

The next step will be to set a timer. One thing that you must be aware of is that you should be a little patient here because paperwork processing takes time, especially if the financial entity is the bank. Nonetheless, paperwork processing is done quickly under our roof. Sometimes you might require updating the details in documents which can lengthen the process. This is the reason why we earlier asked to prepare a checklist.

Talk to a financial advisor

Another important step is to have a financial statement ready. Remember, to avoid complications in the process, it must be complete. Unlike earlier days, you don’t have to visit the bank to get the statement, you can now download it from the website or app.

Ask! Ask! Ask!

Last but not the least, it is extremely essential that while looking for business loans, you don’t just agree to their terms and conditions since it will be like digging a grave for your own. Look at our FAQs section to know which questions to ask.


Unlike my previous lender, the entire staff here was helpful and polite. Quick calls on your messages, satisfactory response to your queries, lower interest rates, fast service. what more you seek while looking for business loans? It was wonderful to work with Mark and his team. I will never think twice before contacting them again if I need any funding service.
- Myah O.

I am thankful to the team of JJW company for helping us. They really saved our dying business by approving our loan application. If it wasn’t for this company, we would have to sell everything. Their on-time, generous service has brought stability to our business. My entire family is grateful to this company. Don’t go anywhere guys!
- Paula G.

I had applied for a small business funding at JJW. I got such a wonderful and quick response from them. All I had to do was to handover a few documents. It was unbelievable how fast they were with the paperwork. I thought it would take ages, but the entire process took only a week. Go for it guys!
- Ju Juan T.

Contact Info

We are the most reliable approach in the town. So, kindly speak to our Atlanta Working Capital representative and share your details. Further, you can also email your queries to our mail address. If you want to do none of these, then simply fill an inquiry form on our website, one of our team members will get in touch with you within no time.


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